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LoveColors is a new, free singles dating site that anyone can visit to find their next relationship or future soul mate. This website was created by Pamala Oslie, a professional relationship expert who works with aura colors and has her own radio show. Pam started LoveColors as an alternative to basic, simple, or ineffective dating sites online that leave people wanting more. Everything on the site is currently free, which is unheard of for many quality dating sites. You can have full access to the video collection, information about your aura colors and what they say about you and your potential partner, and a variety of other benefits.

At LoveColors, you can enjoy all the benefits of a free singles dating site without having to worry about sacrificing the quality of the site or the people that you meet. This site focuses on using the aura colors to learn about yourself and find others who are best matched with you. You can even search for your potential matches by aura colors and many other factors.  This is a completely unique experience that won’t be found elsewhere online, offering you a new way to try online dating and find success.  The LoveColors quiz is worth the time investment for many people, even those who are not interested in dating online.  The quiz draws upon decades of wisdom about self-discovery.

Free Singles Dating Site - Discover LoveColors Today

Free Singles Dating Site - Discover LoveColors Today

With the variety of special features and benefits on this free singles dating site, LoveColors is worth checking out. The people who post profiles here are high-quality people who are serious about dating and finding partners, allowing you to trust that you are getting more than you would at some free site that is full of ads and has no real substance. All the different features on LoveColors are the types of elements that you would not expect to find on a free dating site. Since LoveColors is new to the online dating industry, all services are free during their Beta testing.

With so many different online dating services, it can be hard to choose the best one. However, when you use a site like LoveColors, you are getting a completely unique experience in online dating sites. You will be able to enjoy the full support of the site as well as the high-quality profiles and the information and tools that allow you to learn about yourself and get a better understanding of your own personality traits and those of a potential ideal mate. If you’re tired of typical online dating sites, LoveColors is definitely worth visiting.

Are You A Crystal? Watch The Video Below To find Out.

Free Singles Dating Site Based On Aura.

LoveColors is an exciting new online dating site – a great new way to find your ideal partner based on your love color compatibility! Sign up now for FREE! Enjoy FULL ACCESS to the site while we are growing our membership. Communicate with members, watch all videos, and more.

This Free Singles Dating Site Works!

More than ever before, finding love online is not only possible, but probable. LoveColors offers a fresh, new approach to matchmaking online by providing fascinating and valuable insight into the true essence of people.

Find & Date Singles Online.

LoveColors is proud to offer a singles dating site that has been created by an expert who has more than 27 years of experience successfully coaching and helping people create, nurture, and preserve their relationships.

A New Aura Based Dating Service!

Although LoveColors is one of the newest online dating singles sites, there are already great friendships developing and people finding new love on the site. Watch Pamala Oslie’s helpful videos describing in detail each of the aura color personalities. Love Colors is a free singles dating site that offers a unique and compelling way to meet the love of your life.

A New Way To Discover Love.

Inside you will also find a treasure chest of amazing videos that help you learn insightful, interesting, and helpful information about yourself and others. We at LoveColors believe that the better you know yourself, your personality, needs, priorities, and motivations in life, the more successful you will be finding your most compatible partner.

Free Singles Dating Site Based On Aura Compatibility.

LoveColors is an exciting new way to find your ideal partner. Have you ever felt drawn to some people – you wanted to be near them? You’re feeling their energy – their aura. LoveColors matches people based on the personality traits & qualities of the different aura colors. LoveColors has so much to offer – and right now it’s free during Beta testing!

Get Real Results Fast.

LoveColors members represent a diverse cross section of people around the world. They are people who share common goals; are gay and straight; are your friends, neighbors and co-workers; and who live near and far. will enable you to better understand your own personality traits and your most compatible match based on your aura colors. There are few free matchmaking online services that offer such thorough insights on personality traits.

The Web’s Best Free Singles Dating Site Based On Aura Matchmaking.

At LoveColors you can discover your aura colors and what they reveal about you. Learn which aura color personalities are most compatible with you. Learn how to find true love and create a lasting partnership. It’s rare to find a free singles dating site that offers a huge library of video content to support and coach its members through the online matchmaking process.

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Answer the Love Colors Questionnaire and determine your personal aura colors. Then read the written descriptions and consult the compatibility chart to see which colors are most compatible with yours. Become a LoveColors member and meet local singles by clicking the red buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Local Free Singles Dating Site. Free To Join! offers a brand new way to experience matchmaking online and meeting singles online. They have made the process of Internet dating much more enjoyable. Meeting singles online and finding the love of your life has never been easier or more fun.

Looking For True Love?

Pamala Oslie, author of LIFE COLORS and LOVE COLORS, was encouraged by her clients around the world to develop this singles dating site based on the compatibility of the aura color personalities. Meet people from all over the world (i.e. from the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom and many more).

Internet dating is the NEW way to find a mate.

One of the benefits of online social networking is the ability to become a part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who share similar values and beliefs. You will find that people on LoveColors are truly interested in meeting quality people.

LoveColors Free Singles Dating Site sets new standards for free online dating.

LoveColors members share common dreams and goals; embrace humanity and spirituality; and are seeking a safe, nurturing, progressive Internet dating service. We encourage you to get to know the other people in this community. Search for people with similar or different aura colors, then exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives with one another.

How Accurate Are The Aura Colors?

People comment how amazing the accuracy of the color descriptions are, and how much they validate and confirm their own personalities, priorities, and inner desires. The color descriptions also offer great insight into the personalities of potential life partners.

Does it cost money?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Simply create your personal profile. Upload photos to maximize your chances of finding a date. Describe your ideal partner. Then LoveColors will get to work finding your most compatible matches. You can also browse the other members by user name, by color selections, or by other qualities. Email or wave to people, choose Favorites, send Friend Requests and more – all for free during the beta testing period.

How To Get Started?

You can communicate with your matches and take full advantage of this unique Internet dating service. Communicating with others is an important step toward finding true love. Begin today by becoming a member of LoveColors! Finding love online is just a keystroke way. Click the links below to get started and discover a deep understanding of your most compatible color personalities.

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