New Online Dating Sites – Top 5 Questions to Ask a Woman

new online dating service

Approaching women on the web requires a different set of skills than maybe you would use to start a conversation in a bar. With new online dating sites, you already have the potential to view a woman’s profile before you decide to send her a message. That initial message is the first point of contact that you will have, so you need to think of some good questions to get her to answer you and start that first conversation. Communicating with others on a free internet dating site involves direct questions, but a sense of humor can also go a long way to make you stand out.

1. What line of work are you in? Although this question is nothing new, it still holds a place on new online dating sites because it is something that many people use to define themselves. It can also have some bearing on a woman’s free time, and will help you determine if you might be compatible.

2. If you had six months to live, what would you do? Women will be intrigued by this question, and it can give you hints as to whether or not the two of you have the same priorities in life. Take note if she mentions ties to her family, or if she seems more like the active and spontaneous type.

3. What super power would you pick? On new online dating sites, there is usually an emphasis on humor or more light-hearted questions. This is a fairly open-ended question that is not intimidating, but shows a healthy interest in what a woman has to say.

4. What is your favorite quality about yourself? Some men try to compliment a woman straight away, but studies show that this can actually be a turn-off. By learning to see what a woman likes about herself, you will look like you are a good listener.

5. Do you have a passport? In surveys that have been conducted on new online dating sites, it seems like one of the greatest indicators of whether or not a couple is ultimately compatible and will be able to find love is if they have the same feelings towards travel. If travel is a huge priority in your life, this question will weed out women that may have no interest. At the same time, it’s a great conversation starter because it allows the woman to start talking about memorable travel experiences that she’s had.

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